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Easily access account information and manage your cash flow through the bank's cash management online banking service.

With Empire National Bank's Cash Management Online, you'll enjoy the following features:

  • Obtain account balances
  • Transfer funds to and from Empire National Bank accounts
  • View check images
  • Sort and search your transactions with designated parameters
  • Incorporate Multifactor Technology for additional security
  • Make ACH Origination payments*
  • Initiate Wire Transfers*
  • View extended account history (up to one year) and loan activity
  • Establish multiple authorization levels of security to include system administrator and individual users
  • Export data to QuickBooks®

*ACH Origination and Wire Transfers are for businesses only and credit approval is required.

View Cash Management Online Demo.

To access the demo, please use the following browsers: Internet Explorer (versions 10 & 11) or Firefox 44.

Quick Reference Guides for simple instructions on using Cash Management Online:

Cash Management Online Company Administrator Guide

download & print | download acrobat reader

Effective Date: October 31, 2016

This guide is intended to provide instructions for managing the setup and maintenance of your business within Cash Management Online service. Please refer to the Cash Management Online Quick Start for a quick introduction to some of the new features within Cash Management Online service. For even more step-by-step instructions, please refer to the online [Help] guide found within the system itself.

Administration of Cash Management Online service

Cash Management Online service requires one user to be designated as the Company Administrator. The Company Administrator will receive full entitlements granted by the Bank, including the Administration role. The Bank strongly recommends designating secondary Company Users with the Administration Role for dual control and backup purposes. The Company Administrator must log into the Cash Management Online service first to add additional Company Users; then grant them access to the necessary accounts and enable transaction features and limits required to perform their jobs.

Transfers and Payments Menu

Transfers and Payments include Bill Payment, Transfers, all functions related to ACH and Wire Transfer origination. The availability of the ACH and Wire Transfer features will be based upon an application process and approval by the Bank.

Administration Menu

Company Administrators are responsible for the following functions:

  1. Managing Account Information
  2. Managing Approval Settings
  3. Managing Users

Only Users with an Administration Role have access to these functions within the Cash Management Online Service and they are responsible for verifying this information upon first login as well as maintaining the information going forward.

Company Administration

Prior to setting up and managing Users, the Company Administrator should begin with Managing Account Information and Managing Approval Settings for each account and service that allows Users to move funds both internally (transfers) and externally (ACH & Wire Transfers). Assigning limits and approval settings at the account level provides a benchmark for assigning individual limits and approval entitlements when adding users.

Manage Account Information

Only Users with the Administrator Role have the ability to add descriptions to accounts. Once a description is assigned, this description will propagate to all users. Note: A second Administrator can assign a different title which will override the original title.

  • Select Manage Account Information under the Administration menu. A list of accounts will populate.
  • Click on the account number and enter a description in the box to the right.
  • Save Changes

Manage Approval Settings

Setting Approval Limits is a sound business practice and recommended by the Bank to process transactions accurately and protect against fraud. The approval settings screen provides for two levels of approvals:

  1. Approvals required for transactions
  2. Approvals required for setup

Users with the Administration Role manage Approval Limits for transactions by:

  • If desired, a Request Amount can be established to define when a secondary approval is needed. If an amount is defined, then input the subsequent number of approvals needed if the amount is less than or greater than the Request Amount.
  • If all transactions should be approved by a secondary User, then leave the amount at $0 and define how many approvals are needed in the Approvals If Greater column.
  • Select the Require Separate Entry From Approval box if one of the Approvals should not come from the User who submitted the transaction.
  • If a Service is set to require multiple authorizations, please ensure at least two Users have the Approval Role in order to approve and transmit the transaction(s) to the Bank. An Alert will be sent to Company Users notifying them that a transaction is awaiting authorization. Note: If transactions are not approved prior to the Bank’s 4PM business day cutoff, the transaction will not be processed. The request will either be in the Approve Transfers – Internal, Approve Transfers – Multiple Accounts, Approve ACH Transactions or Approve Wires task; however, the effective date will need to be updated to the next available business date prior to Approval.

Users with the Administration Role manage Approvals Required for Setup: If desired, companies can require secondary approvals for the setup of payment templates and company administration functions at the company level.

Manage Users

Within Cash Management Online, a Company Administrator must be established by the Bank. The Company Administrator will receive full entitlements granted by the Bank, including the Administration Role. Additional Administrators are strongly encouraged by the Bank and can be added by the Company Administrator by entitling the Administration Role.

Users with the Administration Role are responsible for managing all individual Users required by the Company, including adding/changing/deleting Users, resetting passwords, establishing phone numbers, assigning functionality entitlements and transaction limits. The Bank will not manage Users for the Company.

Creating and Editing Users

Administration > Company Administration > Manage Users > Create New User

New User Profile

  • User ID – You can assign a unique User ID. The ID you choose should be at least 4 characters long.
  • Starter Password – Starter Passwords are not case sensitive, must be 8 to 12 characters and contain at least 1 letter and 1 number.
  • Name Fields – Insert the User’s first and last name.
  • Primary E-mail Address – Add the user’s email.
  • Phone Number – Enter a phone number unique to the user being created. This number will be used for the One-Time Security Code upon first login.

Note: Extensions requiring a prompt prior to entering the number can be added within the Extension field. Example: If a phone system requires “Press # now to enter an extension” add the # symbol prior to the number in the extension field. It may also be necessary to add a pause (,=2sec, .=5sec) between the # symbol and the number.

Note: If the User will receive text message alerts and/or one-time security code texts, the phone number entered must be Mobile, Mobile2 or Other.

  • Click Continue

New User Roles

Once the User is created, the Administrator can either assign the User unique roles or model another User’s roles (recommended).

Note: If the User is to be provided with “view only” access, do not select any of the below roles.

  • Allow this user to setup templates – provides a User with the ability to setup transaction templates and schedule transfers, payments and collections. Templates created by the User need an additional approval if not assigned an approval role.
  • Allow this user to approve transactions – provides a User with the ability to both draft and transmit capabilities.
  • Grant this user administration privileges – provides a User the ability to add, modify and delete Users, as well as account maintenance.

Allow Roles and Services

Users with the Administration Role are responsible to provide appropriate account access and entitlements to each User.

  • Click the Add link next to each service to establish features and entitlements per user.
  • Select the account(s) that you are providing access to for the service and click Save Changes
    • Entitled Account Function – User can view the service and create entries, if applicable; but submitting transactions will require authorization by another user with Authorize rights in order for the transaction to be processed by the system if the user does not have the Approval Role.
    • Allow Transmit Function – User can draft and submit transactions without authorization by another User. The transmit function also allows the user to approve and submit transactions drafted by other Users.

    Note: If providing a User with access to view accounts, enable Deposit Account Reporting and entitle the accounts to be viewed under Information Reporting. If both of these are not enabled the User will not be able to view accounts.

    Assigning User Limits

    After the Administrator assigns a User the services and applicable accounts associated with each service, the following screen allows Limits to be established for each service the User was entitled to.

    • Insert a Maximum Transaction Limit if desired for each service or select the established Company Transaction Limit and save. The Company Daily Limits for ACH and Wire Transfers will indicate No Limit. The Bank maintains your pre-approved limit for the ACH service with Cash Management Online. The Bill Pay Transaction Limit is $10,000 and Bill Pay Daily Limit is $20,000.

    Note: If the User exceeds their established limit, a second approval is required by a User with approval limits above the transaction amount but within the Company Daily Limit or Bill Pay Transaction Limit.

    • Verify the User’s information and entitlements are correct and click Submit.

    Note: A second Administrator needs to approve the new User setup if required by your organization to have more than one approval for this task.

    Edit User Information

    Users with the Administration Role are responsible for managing a User’s profile once created. The Administrator will have the ability to edit roles, functions and limits of a User as needed. An Administrator also has the ability to reset a locked User’s profile due to failed password attempts. To edit a User’s profile, choose Manage User under the Administration Menu and click the User ID requiring changes. Note: Reference Express Account Management section for an efficient way to assign roles and services for newly added accounts to a User’s profile.

    Unlock User Profile

    From the Manage User screen, locate and click on the System Access link to the right of the User name.

    • Remove the checkmark from the box located next to User Locked when a profile is locked.
    • Enter and confirm a new password for the User if they have forgotten their current password.
    • Click Save Changes.

    Note: An Administrator has the ability to temporarily lock a User’s profile from this same screen by placing a checkmark in the User Locked box.

  • Once all services and accounts are entitled, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

Express Account Management

When the Bank adds new accounts to a Cash Management Online profile, it can be cumbersome for an Administrator to edit each individual User profile for access and entitlements to the new account. The Express Account Management tool allows the Administrator to select a User and the account from the drop down menus on the screen.

  • Select the User from the first menu
  • Choose the new account from the second menu
  • Checkmark the service and entitlement level for each service
  • Save Changes
  • Choose the next User if applicable

Note: After saving the changes for the first User, each subsequent user will have the same services and entitlements check marked from the first User.

User Setup Report

Company Administrators have the ability to review each User’s setup through the User Setup Report located under the Administration menu tab. User reports can be generated for one User or all Users accessing Cash Management Online. These reports show a User’s contact information, assigned services, entitlements and limits for each account number. These reports can be especially helpful when an Administrator is looking to create a User and wants to find the appropriate User to Copy. Administrators should also reference these reports to audit the access of current employees and ensure that employees no longer with the company are removed.

Invalid Login Report

The Invalid Login Report is a feature within Cash Management Online that works as a fraud protection tool for a company. Administrators are able to see when Users log into the system, from what location the user is connecting from and if the User gained access. The Administrator should reference this report prior to unlocking a User’s profile due to login failures. From the report, the Administrator can verify the failed access was completed by the User. This reporting tool can be used to perform periodic audits to ensure Users are only accessing Cash Management Online from company assigned devices as described by internal security procedures.


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