Property Owners/Managers

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Ideal for property owners and managers that have a high transaction volume and enjoy the convenience of an online account statement. For additional convenience and account access, enjoy our online banking and bill pay services.


  • $250.00 minimum to open
  • $1,000 average monthly balance to waive $25.00 fee
  • 1,000 transactions item free monthly; additional items at $0.15 per item*

Additional Benefits

  • Online Banking & Bill Payment
  • Discounted initial order of checks w/coupon, not Free.
  • Online delivery of account statement**
  • CD-ROM statement available

* Items include paid check, deposit ticket, deposit item and ACH debit or credit

** For customers choosing a paper-statement account, the Bank offers, "Landlord Checking," which requires a $10,000 average monthly checking balance in order to avoid a $25.00 monthly maintenance charge.


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