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Earn more interest as your balance grows with this preferred rate, multi-tiered account!

Maintain liquidity and maximize the earning power of your firm’s excess balances at highly-competitive interest rates. Write up to six checks or make up to six automatic or pre-authorized withdrawals or transfers per calendar month for free plus unlimited in-person and Empire National Bank and Allpoint® withdrawals.


  • $2,500.00 minimum to open
  • $2,500 average monthly balance to waive $25.00 fee
  • Multi-tiered interest rates starting at $2,500*

Additional Benefits

  • Online account statements
  • CD-ROM statements available

*Customers who prefer paper-statements may choose Non Profit Money Market account, which may pay a lower rate of interest than the eNon Profit Money Market account for each respective rate tier. Per item withdrawal fee in excess of six will apply.

Important Notice: Federal regulations limit Money Market Accounts to six transfers or withdrawals per month. Withdrawals or transfers in excess of these limits are subject to a fee and we may close or convert your account to a checking account for repeated or excessive violations.


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