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See All Your Accounts in One Place Using FinanceWorks®, you will be able to pull information from more than 16,000 financial institutions and creditors. So you can integrate and see your checking, savings/investment, loan, and credit card account details on a dashboard-style single page, all securely within Online Banking.

Know Where You're Spending FinanceWorks® can automatically categorize transactions from your accounts, even using custom categories that you create, and provides easy-to-read charts and reports that can help you manage spending. What's more, your BillPay information integrates with FinanceWorks®, so you can view all your bill payment activity in one convenient tool. Set Spending Goals Select categories and set spending limits.


You can even easily track your finances by enabling alerts and reminders for when you are close to or over your spending goals, helping you to stay on track and on budget.


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